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2007 July


Jul 31 2007 Second Korean Christian hostage killed by Taleban

By Michael Ireland
Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News ServiceKABUL, AFGHANISTAN (ANS) – Taliban kidnappers shot dead a second male South Korean hostage on Monday, a spokesman said, accusing the Afghan government of not listening to rebel demands.
According to a CNN news article based on a Reuters news agency report, quoting spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf by telephone: “We […]


Jul 31 2007 US House To Increase Sanctions on Iran

CAPITOL HILL - The House of Representatives is poised to take legislative steps to increase the economic costs to Iran of pursuing its uranium enrichment program.
Congress has been steadily ramping up pressure on Iran, with a range of measures aimed at restricting investments in Iran, banning Iranian imports, and targeting Iran’s uranium enrichment efforts.
The Iranian […]


Jul 31 2007 Secretaries Rice, Gates, Meet Arab Allies

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, EGYPT -  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, on an unusual joint Middle East mission, have opened security talks with American Arab allies in the Egyptian Red Sea resort, Sharm el-Sheikh. The senior Bush administration officials are seeking Arab help in stabilizing Iraq.
Rice and Gates are offering reassurances, backed […]


Jul 31 2007 US Increases Military Aid to Israel 25 Percent

WASHINGTON - The United States has announced a 25 percent increase in annual military aid to Israel, along with a continuation of defense aid to Egypt and plans to sell billions of dollars worth of military equipment to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States.
The State Department says for the next 10 years military aid to […]


Jul 30 2007 Taleban Vows to Murder South Korean Hostages

SEOUL - An Afghan news agency quotes Taleban insurgents as saying negotiations for the lives of 22 South Korean hostages have failed. Earlier, the militants in Afghanistan had said they would start killing the captives if their demands were not met.
Monday’s report from the independent news agency Afghan Islamic Press says Taleban insurgents have labeled […]


Jul 30 2007 President Bush Meets With British PM

WASHINGTON - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in the United States for his first meeting with President Bush since taking office in late June. They are meeting in seclusion at Camp David - the mountain-top U.S. presidential retreat.
They have a full agenda for their discussions. But officials on both sides indicate the main focus […]


Jul 29 2007 South Korean hostage pleads for help

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST MinistriesAFGHANISTAN (ANS) – A South Korean woman held hostage with 21 others in Afghanistan has pleaded for help to secure their release, says the BBC.
A South Korean woman held hostage with 21 others in Afghanistan has pleaded for help to secure their release, says the BBC.The woman, who identified herself […]


Jul 29 2007 Bush Urges Congress to Amend Surveillance Law

WASHINGTON - President Bush is urging Congress to quickly amend a law on foreign surveillance that he says is “badly out of date.” Mr. Bush says that at a time of heightened alert to prevent terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, intelligence professionals need a more modern law to help them effectively assess those threats. 
In his […]


Jul 29 2007 Israel Does Not Object to US Gulf Arms Sales

JERUSALEM - Israel’s Prime Minister on Sunday said he has no objections to a proposed massive U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. Israel has long expressed wariness over U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, but Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says the proposal by the U.S. to sell $20 […]


Jul 27 2007 Congressional Democrats Subpoena Karl Rove

WHITE HOUSE - Congressional Democrats are stepping up pressure on the White House as they investigate charges the Bush administration has been using the Justice Department as a political tool.  They have issued a subpoena for a top presidential aide, and are calling for an independent investigation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. 
Perhaps no one at […]


Jul 27 2007 NASA Finds Sabotaged Space Station Computer

WASHINGTON - Two weeks before the US space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to lift-off, the US space agency NASA says a piece of equipment that was to fly on the mission was deliberately sabotaged. And as if that weren’t enough, there were reports Thursday that astronauts flew while drunk.
During a briefing on launch preparations for […]


Jul 27 2007 FBI Director Defends Anti-Terror Tools

WASHINGTON - FBI Director Robert Mueller has urged the U.S. Congress not to weaken a key legal tool that law enforcement authorities have been using since September 11, 2001 in their efforts to prevent new terrorist attacks.
In his first appearance this year before a Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee, Director Mueller was pressed on a range […]


Jul 26 2007 South Korea Mourns Murdered Christian Minister

SEOUL - South Korea says kidnappers who killed a South Korean hostage in Afghanistan will be held accountable for their actions. As family and friends of the victim mourn, South Korean negotiators are trying to save the lives of 22 other hostages still in the custody of Taleban insurgents.
Family and friends of a murdered South […]


Jul 26 2007 Britain Prime Minister Unveils Anti-Terror Proposals

LONDON - Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown unveiled in parliament Wednesday new anti-terror measures he would like to see implemented in the coming months.
Breaking away from dealing with the worst flooding in Britain in 60 years, Prime Minister Gordon Brown returned Wednesday to the topic of terrorism, announcing in the House of Commons that his […]


Jul 26 2007 Arab Foreign Ministers Visit Israel

JERUSALEM - The foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan held talks in Jerusalem with Israeli leaders on Wednesday. It was the first-ever visit to Israel by leaders representing the Arab League. Israel’s relations with the Palestinians were at the top of the agenda of the talks.
The Jordanian and Egyptian foreign ministers came to Jerusalem to […]


Jul 26 2007 US House Rejects Permanent Military Bases in Iraq

CAPITOL HILL - The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a resolution prohibiting permanent American military bases in Iraq. Congress is already on record opposing permanent bases, but Democrats want the Bush administration to clarify its position on the matter. 
In various pieces of legislation, notably bills setting defense policy and appropriating money for the military, […]


Jul 26 2007 President Bush Pledges Help For Military Wounded

WHITE HOUSE - President Bush is pledging action to make sure wounded U.S. military personnel get the care and support they deserve. The government will implement a set of recommendations to reform the network of government services set up to help these injured warriors.
President Bush says his administration will implement the reforms put forward by […]


Jul 25 2007 Taleban Boasts of Murdering Korean Hostage

SEOUL - South Korean authorities are scrambling to confirm Taleban claims the insurgent group has killed one of 23 hostages in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, unconfirmed South Korean media reports say some of the hostages may have been freed.
South Korean officials say it may take time to confirm claims that Taleban insurgents have killed one of their […]


Jul 25 2007 French President Sarkozy Visits Libya

PARIS - French President Nicolas Sarkozy is heading to Libya, Wednesday, to meet Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Mr. Sarkozy agreed to the visit as part of a deal made yesterday to free six medical workers convicted of infecting hundreds of children in a Libyan hospital with AIDS.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy is meeting Libyan leader Moammar […]


Jul 25 2007 Bush Says al-Qaida In Iraq Threatens America

WHITE HOUSE - President Bush is stressing the link between al-Qaida and Iraq, as he seeks to build support for his war policy.  Mr. Bush says terrorists in Iraq pose a direct threat to the security of the United States and must be defeated. 
President Bush is trying to drive home the point that al-Qaida in Iraq […]


Jul 24 2007 Liberia to Celebrate 160 Years of Independence

WASHINGTON - Liberia is in a festive mood this week as the country prepares to celebrate its 160th independence anniversary this Thursday, July 26.  For Liberians living here in the United States, the celebration began Saturday, July 21 with an all-day picnic and cultural performances on the grounds of the Liberian Embassy in Washington. In […]


Jul 24 2007 China Promises EU Regular Reports on Products

BEIJING - The European Union’s head of consumer safety says China has promised to “strictly” provide regular reports on how it handles European complaints about dangerous products. China has so far failed to live up to earlier similar promises and faces complaints from around the world about unsafe products. 
The European Union Commissioner for Consumer Protection, […]


Jul 24 2007 US Talks With Iran on Iraq Security

STATE DEPARTMENT - The State Department says U.S. Ambassador to Baghdad Ryan Crocker will again press Iran to halt destabilizing activities in Iraq when he meets his Iranian counterpart in the Iraqi capital Tuesday. The envoys began their dialogue May 28.
Though Iranian leaders have said on many occasions that they want to see a […]


Jul 24 2007 US Veterans Groups Sue US Government

SAN FRANCISCO - A coalition of veterans groups has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government alleging that troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq have received deficient medical care and financial support.The lawsuit, filed Monday in San Francisco, in the western U.S. state of California, charged that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA) […]


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