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2007 October


Oct 31 2007 US Navy Rescues Crew of North Korean Ship off Somalia Coast

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Navy rescued the crew of a North Korean cargo ship off the coast of Somalia Tuesday, after it was attacked by unidentified men who took control of part of the vessel.
The U.S. Navy says when it was informed of the pirate attack, it immediately dispatched a helicopter from a ship about […]


Oct 31 2007 Putin Commemorates Victims of Soviet Repression

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin has commemorated more than 20,000 people executed at a Moscow killing field during the height of Stalinist terror in 1937 to 1938. Mr. Putin said those who perished included the Soviet Union’s most outspoken and effective people. 
Under gray skies, President Putin laid flowers at a cross erected in memory […]


Oct 31 2007 President Bush: Congress Is Not Getting Its Work Done

WHITE HOUSE - President Bush is criticizing the Democratic led Congress for failing to approve legislation to fund the government. Democrats say the president is blocking a bill that would expand health coverage for poor children.
President Bush says Congress is not getting its work done. “The House of Representatives has wasted valuable time on a […]


Oct 30 2007 Somalia Prime Minister Gedi Resigns

NAIROBI - The prime minister of Somalia’s beleaguered interim government has resigned, following intense international pressure for the leader to step down after three controversial years in office. But it is far from certain whether the resignation of Ali Mohamed Gedi will help the government unify or cause a further split along clan lines.
Speaking to […]


Oct 30 2007 Ehud Olmert Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

JERUSALEM - Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Mr. Olmert says his cancer is treatable, and that it will have no effect on his job as prime minister.
Ehud Olmert called a news conference to say that while he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer his disease is not […]


Oct 30 2007 Saudi King Criticizes Britain on Combating Terrorism

LONDON - On the eve of his historic visit to Britain, Saudi King Abdullah says London is not doing enough to combat terrorism and in an exclusive interview with the BBC, he criticized the then government of Tony Blair for failing to act on Saudi intelligence that could have prevented the deadly suicide attacks in […]


Oct 30 2007 Kissinger Calls For Dialogue Between US, Iran

NEW DELHI - A former U.S. secretary of state is urging his government to open talks with Iran over its nuclear programs. Henry Kissinger, who made the comments in a New Delhi, is regarded as a hardliner when it comes to U.S. security interests.
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger calls on Washington to negotiate with […]


Oct 29 2007 Israel Reduces Fuel Supplies to Gaza

JERUSALEM - Israel is tightening sanctions on the Gaza Strip. The move is casting a shadow over peace efforts.
Israel began cutting fuel supplies to Gaza in response to months of Palestinian rocket attacks.
“The Cabinet has already decreed the Gaza Strip a hostile territory. We will do what we can to stop this rocket fire,” says […]


Oct 29 2007 First Lady Laura Bush Defines Her Policy Role

WASHINGTON - First Lady Laura Bush is taking an increasingly public role on foreign policy matters - from the status of women in the Middle East, to repression in Burma. Mrs. Bush focused on these issues in a nationally broadcast interview Sunday on American television.
Presidential spouses in the United States often champion a cause. But […]


Oct 28 2007 President Bush Promises Help For California Fire Victims

WHITE HOUSE - Thousands of Californians are returning to neighborhoods they abandoned in the face of wildfires that continue to ravage the southern part of the state. President Bush says the federal government will help people rebuild homes and businesses. 
President Bush visited some of the fire damage near San Diego this past Thursday. In his […]


Oct 27 2007 Astronauts Add New Section to Space Station

WASHINGTON - Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have successfully attached a new room to the station. They completed the task during the first of five spacewalks planned during their two-week mission.
Crew members of the U.S. space shuttle, Discovery, embarked Friday on the mission’s first spacewalk.
During the more than six-hour excursion, the Discovery and International […]


Oct 27 2007 US Issues Warning on Shoe Bombs

WASHINGTON - U.S. security officials are warning of terrorist plans to hide bomb components in shoes.
The CBS television network has obtained a copy of the warning, issued Wednesday by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.
The general terrorism-related awareness notice was prompted by the discovery in Europe last month of a pair of shoes […]


Oct 26 2007 US Defense Secretary Criticizes NATO Allies

RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, GERMANY - U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates sharply criticized NATO allies Thursday, shortly after leaving a meeting of alliance defense ministers. The secretary spoke at a meeting of European army chiefs in Germany.
Secretary Gates says some allies are not willing to share the risks of the NATO mission in Afghanistan, and some […]


Oct 26 2007 National Day of Care Gives Hope to African Orphans

By Jeremy Reynalds
Correspondent for ASSIST News Service
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (ANS) – The National Day of Care offers Americans an opportunity to respond to the world’s biggest disaster, HIV/AIDS. Over 15 million children have become orphaned primarily because of the disease.
The National Day of Care, to be held on Feb. 10 2008, is a day for everyone […]


Oct 26 2007 US Lawmakers Seek Change in War Powers Resolution

CAPITOL HILL - A group of lawmakers from both parties is proposing to change a law approved by Congress more than three decades ago aimed at limiting the ability of the president to go to war without the approval of Congress. Supporters of the effort point to recent statements by the Bush administration about Iran […]


Oct 26 2007 US Imposes Sanctions on Iran Revolutionary Guards

STATE DEPARTMENT - The United States has imposed wide-ranging new sanctions against Iran in a further effort to pressure Tehran to halt nuclear activities seen as weapons-related. Targets of the new sanctions include the Iranian defense ministry and the Revolutionary Guards Corps. 
The measures announced by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson […]


Oct 25 2007 Indonesian Volcano Mount Soputan Erupts

JAKARTA - A volcano on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi has erupted, spewing a column of smoke and ash high into the air. But, officials say the activity at Mount Soputan does not present a threat to people living nearby. Meanwhile, villagers near Mount Kelud on Java island remain on alert for an eruption there.
All […]


Oct 25 2007 US Urges Iraq to Crack Down on Kurd Rebels

WASHINGTON - U.S. officials are calling on Turkey and Iraq to exercise restraint, amid Turkish shelling of rebel bases inside Iraq. Turkish officials say the attacks are retaliation for a rebel ambush on Sunday that killed 12 Turkish soldiers. The U.S. is also calling on Iraq’s Kurdish leaders to crack down on the rebels hiding […]


Oct 25 2007 US Colleges Offer Unusual Classes

WASHINGTON - College students who are struggling through anthropology or biochemistry classes like to poke fun at the easy courses that are sometimes offered to athletes on campus. The jocks, as they’re called, take all sorts of physical education classes — as if they weren’t already in shape. In some places, football strategy is a course […]


Oct 24 2007 Israeli think tank reverses course on dividing Jerusalem

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (ANS) – The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies (JIIS), a prominent think tank which previously proposed ideas for how to divide Jerusalem that were used as a basis for negotiations at the failed Camp David summit in July 2000, is now having serious reservations about dividing the […]


Oct 24 2007 Turkey Rejects Ceasefire Offered by PKK

IRBIL - Turkey’s foreign minister, Ali Babacan, has rejected a ceasefire offered by Kurdish rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK, in northern Iraq. He met with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad Tuesday to press them to crack down on the rebels which Ankara says are staging attacks inside Turkey.
Turkish Foreign Minister, Ali Babacan, rejected […]


Oct 24 2007 US Olympians Train at Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS - The U.S. Olympic Training Center — located in Colorado Springs, Colorado — trains American athletes for the world games and is also where the U.S. Olympic Committee is headquartered. 
The US Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs sits at the base of the famous Pike’s Peak Mountain in Colorado.  It was converted from […]


Oct 24 2007 President Bush Highlights Missile Defense in Europe

WHITE HOUSE - President Bush says the need for a U.S.-led missile defense in Europe is urgent, given the growing threat from Iran. The president is urging the U.S. Congress to fully fund his missile shield initiative.  
President Bush first unveiled his plan for an integrated missile-defense system in 2002, in a speech to military officers […]


Oct 22 2007 Israel Foils Palestinian Assassination Plot Against Olmert

JERUSALEM - Israel says it has foiled a Palestinian assassination plot against its prime minister.  The incident is putting further strain on the peace process.
An Israeli security chief told the Cabinet that Palestinian terrorists planned to assassinate Prime Minister Ehud Olmert more than two months ago.  The head of the Shin Bet security service, Yuval […]


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