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2007 December


Dec 31 2007 France Suspends Diplomatic Contact With Syria

CAIRO - The president of France says he will have no further contact with Syria until he is convinced that Syria is really trying to resolve the political crisis in neighboring Lebanon. He spoke on a visit to Egypt.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy says his government will suspend diplomatic contact with Syria, until he sees proof […]


Dec 31 2007 US Military Continues to Rout al-Qaida in Iraq

ISKANDARIYAH, IRAQ - U.S. military efforts to quash the al-Qaida in Iraq terrorist network are showing signs of success in some areas. But, the U.S. military says al-Qaida remains a top concern. In an area south of Baghdad once known as the “Triangle of Death,” U.S. forces have bolstered their troop presence to rout al-Qaida. 
It […]


Dec 30 2007 Egyptian Government compensates Christians

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries 
EGYPT (ANS) – The Egyptian Government has given 1,265,000 Egyptian pounds (US$230,000) in compensation to 17 Coptic Christians whose property was damaged by a mob of angry Muslims.
This news was revealed in a story written by Jennifer Gold on the British website —
The story stated that last week, in […]


Dec 30 2007 Bible put on a pinhead size chip

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries 
HAIFA, ISRAEL (ANS) – Researchers in Israel say they have succeeded in putting a version of the Bible on a chip smaller than a pinhead.
According to the BBC, “Its 300,000 words in Hebrew were inscribed on a silicon surface at the Haifa Institute of Technology.
“Scientists say the aim of the […]


Dec 30 2007 Al Qaeda Blamed as Pakistan Burns

By Jeremy Reynalds
Correspondent for ASSIST News Service 
KARACHI, PAKISTAN (ANS) – Benazir Bhutto was laid to rest before tens of thousands of mourners yesterday, as Pakistan’s Government accused al-Qaeda of killing her and heated bickering erupted over precisely how she died.
The Times Online reported that more than 30 people were killed as riots erupted across the […]


Dec 30 2007 President Bush Urges US Economic Initiatives

WASHINGTON - President Bush has used his weekly radio address to urge Congress to do more to ease the economic worries of many Americans.The president Saturday said even though the economy is growing, American families are concerned with rising energy prices and the cost of health care.
The president praised Congress for passing recent energy and […]


Dec 29 2007 US Presidential Race Focus on Foreign Policy

WASHINGTON - The assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto appears to have shifted the focus of the U.S. presidential race to national security and foreign policy issues.
Presidential contenders from both parties were trying to shore up their foreign policy credentials in the wake of the Bhutto assassination. 
For former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the […]


Dec 29 2007 Bhutto Wanted Ties with Israel

By Jeremy Reynalds
Correspondent for ASSIST News Service
JERUSALEM (ANS) – Israeli media reports on Friday revealed that slain Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto intended to establish official relations with the Jewish state if elected, and was seeking Mossad protection in the interim.
A story on the Israel Today web site reported that in speaking to The […]


Dec 29 2007 Dispute Erupts In Pakistan Over Bhutto Assassination

ISLAMABAD - A bitter dispute has erupted in Pakistan over how opposition leader and former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto died. The government has blamed al-Qaida but the alleged al-Qaida leader Baitullah Mehsud denies involvement in the assassination. Ms Bhutto’s supporters say the government is covering up its failure to protect her.
Pakistan insists slain opposition leader […]


Dec 29 2007 Turkish President to Visit US in January

WASHINGTON - The White House says Turkish President Abdullah Gul will make his first visit to Washington as president next month for talks on efforts to counter Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq.
A White House spokesman Scott Stanzel Friday said President Bush will welcome his Turkish counterpart to Washington on January 8. He said the […]


Dec 28 2007 Pakistan Tightens Security as Benazir Bhutto is Buried

ISLAMABAD - Tens of thousands of mourners gathered to at the family graveyard where former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was being laid to rest. Authorities in Pakistan have beefed up security around the country as supporters of the assassinated politician have torched train stations, buildings and vehicles in several cities to protest her killing. 
Benazir Bhutto […]


Dec 28 2007 Christians in Pakistan Condemn Bhutto Assassination

Pakistan’s Bhutto Assassinated in Attack at Rally; Christians in Pakistan Condemn Killing 
By Jeremy Reynalds
Correspondent for ASSIST News Service
PAKISTAN (ANS) – Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in an election-rally attack in Rawalpindi, threatening the stability of a nuclear-armed nation that is a focal point of the West’s war on terror.  
Bloomberg News reported […]


Dec 28 2007 US Wants Pakistan Elections to Proceed

STATE DEPARTMENT - The United States said Thursday parliamentary elections in Pakistan should go forward as planned January 8 despite the assassination of former Prime Minister and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke by telephone with Ms. Bhutto’s successor as party leader, Amin Fahim, to support the election process.
The tone of […]


Dec 28 2007 President Bush Condemns Bhutto Assassination

WHITE HOUSE - President Bush has condemned the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. 
President Bush says those responsible for the murder of Benazir Bhutto must be brought to justice.
“The United States strongly condemns this cowardly act by murderous extremists who are trying to undermine Pakistan’s democracy,” he said.
In a brief statement to reporters at […]


Dec 27 2007 President Bush Approves US Spending Bill

WASHINGTON - President Bush has signed a massive spending bill for 2008 that includes $70 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Mr. Bush said in a statement Wednesday that the $555 billion budget bill funds the government without raising taxes and without what he called the most objectionable policy changes considered by the Congress.
Congressional […]


Dec 27 2007 Ellis Island to Receive New Makeover

WASHINGTON - In New York Harbor lies Ellis Island, which was once an immigration center so prominent that it was known as the Gateway to America. At the height of its activity between 1901 and 1924, inspectors on Ellis Island processed 12 million newcomers to the United States. One in four Americans today can identify […]


Dec 27 2007 Music Legend Les Paul Still Performing at 92

NEW YORK - Born in the small town of Waukesha in the Midwest U.S. state of Wisconsin in 1915, Les Paul showed signs of musical ability at a young age. From those small roots, the musician and inventor traveled the country. From piano to banjo to guitar, Paul played with some of the biggest names […]


Dec 27 2007 Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

WASHINGTON - Pakistan’s former prime minister and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated.
Police and aides say a suicide bomber fired gunshots at Ms. Bhutto just moments before blowing himself up, killing at least 16 others.
Ms. Bhutto died shortly after addressing a rally for upcoming elections in a park near Pakistan’s army headquarters in Rawalpindi, […]


Dec 26 2007 Humanitarian Conditions Worsen in Somalia

GENEVA - The International Committee of the Red Cross says the humanitarian situation in Somalia continues to worsen. It says a year of relentless conflict and several natural disasters have taken a heavy toll on the population. A Red Cross Official tells the situation is particularly desperate in the capital Mogadishu, which has been the […]


Dec 26 2007 Gaza’s Christians Keep Low Christmas Profile

By Jeremy Reynalds
Correspondent for ASSIST News Service
GAZA CITY, GAZA STRIP (ANS) – Gaza’s tiny Christian community has been keeping a low profile this Christmas, traumatized by the killing of a prominent activist in the wake of Hamas’ takeover of the coastal territory.
The Associated Press (AP) reported that few Christmas trees are on display, churches […]


Dec 26 2007 Queen Elizabeth II Delivers Christmas Message

LONDON - Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has joined the YouTube generation in posting her annual Christmas message to the Commonwealth on the popular video Web site. The move has come on the 50th anniversary of her first televised Christmas speech.
Fifty years ago, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II for the first time used the then new technology of […]


Dec 25 2007 Pilgrims flock to most peaceful Bethlehem in years

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries 
BETHLEHEM, WEST BANK (ANS) – “Thousands of pilgrims flocked to Bethlehem on Monday for a Christmas mass which Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Western powers hope will highlight the benefits of peacemaking,” said Rebecca Harrison in a story released by Reuters.
“Christmas carols played through a packed Manger Square and thousands
of […]


Dec 25 2007 Azerbaijan Experiences Economic Boom

WASHINGTON - With oil prices reaching record highs, oil-producing countries like Azerbaijan are getting rich. Located in the energy rich Caspian region of Central Asia, Azerbaijan is expected to export one million barrels of oil a day in the coming year. But some analysts question whether oil money is too alluring and corrupting a force […]


Dec 25 2007 Russia Sees Oil as a Weapon

WASHINGTON - In the past two years, a resurgent Russia has taken steps that some analysts consider using oil as a weapon. The question that experts and government officials ask is how the West should respond. Some advocate a patient approach while others urge confrontation.
The Druzhba or Friendship oil pipeline keeps Russia economically connected to […]


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