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2010 October


Oct 30 2010 NASA Delays Space Shuttle Discovery Final Mission

WASHINGTON - The space shuttle Discovery is set to embark on its last mission in November, but leaks have forced NASA to delay the launch date. 
Discovery had been set to blast off on its final mission November 1, but NASA announced Friday that it was postponing the launch by at least one day because of […]


Oct 29 2010 Syria Continues To Destabilize Lebanon

UNITED NATIONS - The United States expressed its growing frustration with the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and its patrons Iran and Syria on Thursday.
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said actions by the three to escalate sectarian tensions so they can assert their own authority over Lebanon only serve to destabilize the tiny […]


Oct 28 2010 French Government Approves Pension Reform

PARIS - French deputies have followed senators in supporting final passage of a pension reform bill that has sparked strikes, demonstrations and blockades. President Nicolas Sarkozy is expected to sign the bill into law by mid-November.  The measure will raise the minimum legal retirement age from 60 to 62 years — still one of the […]


Oct 28 2010 Man Arrested In DC Subway Terror Plot

WASHINGTON - A Pakistani-American man has been arrested on charges he planned to bomb subway stations near Washington. He also is charged with sharing information with people he believed were affiliated with al-Qaida.
U.S. Justice Department officials say 34-year-old Farooque Ahmed had been taking photographs of subway stations in the Washington area since April and plotting […]


Oct 26 2010 US, Japan Celebrate Diplomatic Relations

WASHINGTON - Japan and the United States are celebrating milestones in their relationship.  Half a century ago in 1960, the two nations signed the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security.  The treaty extended Japan’s security relations with the United States following World War II.  And Japan’s first diplomatic mission to the United States took place […]


Oct 26 2010 Tariq Aziz Sentenced To Hanging

BAGHDAD - Iraq’s top criminal court has sentenced one of the most prominent figures of Saddam Hussein’s regime to die by hanging.
Iraqi state television reported the sentence was handed down Tuesday to former foreign minister Tariq Aziz for his role in the persecution of Islamic political parties.
The death sentence is the first for Aziz, who […]


Oct 24 2010 Obama Increases Pakistan Military Aid

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration pledged Friday to raise its military aid to Pakistan to $2 billion a year - a total increase of $10 billion over five years - to help the country fight extremism.  Officials at the State Department say aid will be denied to any Pakistani army units linked to human rights […]


Oct 24 2010 French Senate Passes Pension Reform Bill

PARIS - The French Senate has passed a controversial pension reform bill that has sparked protests and strikes throughout France. Actions by workers and students have crippled transport, shut down high schools and universities and caused gas shortages. Unions are calling for more protests, even as the bill moves towards becoming law.
French police re-taking control […]


Oct 24 2010 Proposed Loyalty Oath Stirs Anger Among Arabs

ABU GHOSH - A push by Israeli leaders to require all new immigrants to recognize the country as a Jewish and democratic state is causing outrage among Israel’s 1.5-million-strong Arab minority, most of whom are Muslim. Israeli leaders are concerned, among other things, by the reluctance of Palestinian leaders to acknowledge Israel as the Jewish […]


Oct 24 2010 Space Shuttle Discovery Nears Final Mission

HOUSTON - The countdown is on: NASA has only two shuttle launches left. The U.S. space agency is retiring its shuttle fleet next year and encouraging the development of commercial human spaceflight vehicles.
Space shuttle Discovery is set to launch November 1
Last week, engineers found that Discovery had developed a fuel leak.
John Shannon, the space shuttle […]


Oct 22 2010 Haiti Suffers Cholera Outbreak

WASHINGTON - The chief of Haiti’s medical association says an outbreak of cholera in the north of the country has killed 135 people and sickened 1,500 others.
Claude Surena tells the French news agency that laboratory tests confirm cholera and that the government plans to make a statement soon.
Most of the sickened people have been taken […]


Oct 22 2010 French Labor Unions Hold More Protests

PARIS - French labor unions on Thursday called on workers to demonstrate in large numbers for two more national protests against the government’s plan to raise the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62, and the age for full retirement benefits from 65 to 67.  Transpiration has been disrupted and there has been unrest across […]


Oct 21 2010 Nile River Controversy Strains Relations

CAIRO - Controversy is bubbling in Africa over who owns the rights to the waters of the Nile River.  From the river’s source, our correspondent reports newly assertive upstream nations are challenging treaties that grant most of the Nile’s flow to consumer countries Egypt and Sudan.
Some say the source of the Blue Nile is on […]


Oct 21 2010 US Announces Major Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration announced plans Wednesday to sell up to $60 billion worth of advanced fighter aircraft, helicopters and related weapons systems to Saudi Arabia.  The package is aimed at helping Saudi Arabia deal with potential threats from Iran and regional terrorism.
The outlines of the arms deal - the largest in U.S. history […]


Oct 20 2010 US Voters Prefer Republicans By Wide Margin

WASHINGTON - There are less than two weeks left in the U.S. congressional midterm election campaign, and analysts say opposition Republicans appear poised to make significant gains on November 2.
Several recent public opinion surveys show Republicans holding an edge among registered voters.  The latest Gallup poll finds 48 percent supporting Republican candidates, and 43 percent […]


Oct 19 2010 France Warned Of Potential Al-Qaida Attack

PARIS - Saudi Arabia has warned France that Europe is at threat of an al-Qaida attack. A French official says his country in particular, is the target of an imminent attack.
French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said France had received information from the Saudi Arabian secret services that al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia is a threat to […]


Oct 18 2010 Deadly Typhoon Strikes Northern Philippines

WASHINGTON - At least one person is dead in the far northern Philippines, where so-called “Super Typhoon” Megi crashed ashore with fierce winds and torrential rain around midday Monday.
Reports say roofs were torn off houses and electricity poles were toppled by the winds, which howled at sustained speeds of 225 kilometers per hour and gusted […]


Oct 17 2010 French Protestors Cripple Transportation, Hospitals

PARIS - Tens of thousands of people are marching in cities across France in the latest protests against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s efforts to raise the retirement age.
Workers marched in dozens of cities Saturday, with the largest crowds assembling in the capital, Paris.
Saturday is the fifth day of strikes that have cut train services and grounded […]


Oct 17 2010 Obama Campaigns For Higher Taxes

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama is again calling on Congress to end tax breaks which he says encourage companies to create jobs in other countries. The president’s weekly address Saturday focused on the economy, the top issue in the upcoming mid-term election.
With U.S. unemployment mired at 9.5 percent and Democrats expecting big losses in […]


Oct 16 2010 Russia To Build Venezuela Nuclear Plant

MOSCOW - Russia has signed an agreement to help build Venezuela’s first nuclear power plant.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez finalized the deal Friday in Moscow, during talks on joint energy, defense and finance ventures.  Mr. Chavez said the nuclear energy plant will help Venezuela reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.
The deal […]


Oct 16 2010 French Union Strikers Shut Down Fuel Lines, Schools

PARIS - French riot police have forced through blockades of protesters to reopen fuel depots, even as French refinery workers cut a fuel pipeline to Paris and its airports in an escalating battle over pension reform.
Union workers shut down all of France’s 12 oil refineries on a fourth day of protests Friday, intensifying fears of […]


Oct 16 2010 Israel Approves New Construction In East Jerusalem

JERUSALEM - New Israeli settlement plans have thrown a wrench into the faltering Middle East peace process.
Israel’s Housing Ministry has announced plans to build 238 Jewish homes in disputed East Jerusalem, despite opposition from the United States and Palestinians. Israel had unofficially frozen construction in East Jerusalem under a 10-month building moratorium in the West […]


Oct 16 2010 US Federal Reserve Signals Higher Inflation

WASHINGTON - U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says the American economy may need new stimulus measures. But with short-term interest rates already close to zero, he says the central bank has to consider “non-conventional” ways of stimulating the economy.
U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has been saying for some time that unconventional steps may […]


Oct 14 2010 Strikes Shutdown Refineries In France

PARIS - Ongoing protests in France against government pension reform plans may lead to one unexpected fallout, fuel shortages.
A second day of protests in France over government plans to increase the retirement age has snarled public transportation and shuttered schools.  But France may soon face another problem, gas shortages.  The strikes have all but closed […]


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