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2011 July


Jul 31 2011 US Senate Votes To Block Reid Debt Plan

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate has blocked a Democratic proposal to raise the federal borrowing limit and avoid a potential default on America’s $14.3 trillion national debt. With both Republican and Democratic plans now defeated, focus shifts to last-ditch negotiations between congressional leaders and the White House. Lawmakers are expressing cautious optimism that a bipartisan […]


Jul 31 2011 Israelis Protest High Cost Of Living

JERUSALEM - Economic problems are spurring a growing wave of protests in Israel on Saturday.
Tens of thousands of Israelis took to the streets of cities around the country to protest the high cost of living, from food to gasoline to housing. They carried signs saying, “The people want social justice.”
“We work hard,” aprotester told a […]


Jul 31 2011 Iraq To Reduce Size Of Government

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has reached an agreement with parliament that calls for reducing the size of his national unity government.
The plan, which was announced Saturday, cuts the size of the Cabinet by at least 12 ministers.
Earlier, Maliki had outlined a proposal that called for reducing the size of the Cabinet from […]


Jul 31 2011 Debt Debate Shifts To Obama Negotiations

WASHINGTON - Drama and uncertainty over raising the U.S. borrowing limit are continuing to play out on Capitol Hill in Washington.
Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has postponed a test vote on his plan to cut government spending and raise the debt ceiling until Sunday afternoon. Reid said negotiations to reach a deal on raising […]


Jul 30 2011 US House Defeats Reid Debt Plan

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Washington is no closer to a deal that would raise the country’s borrowing limit and avoid a potentially catastrophic debt default.
Reid accused Republican leaders of refusing to negotiate in good faith.
He made his remarks on the Senate floor late Saturday, shortly after the top two Republicans […]


Jul 30 2011 Obama Meets African Leaders Amid Debt Crisis

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama met on Friday with four visiting African heads of state. Obama said the leaders represent expanding democracy in Africa, and the discussions also covered issues such as counter-terrorism and famine in East Africa.
Obama’s meeting with the presidents of Benin, Guinea, Niger, and Ivory Coast took place in the White House […]


Jul 30 2011 NATO Bombs Satellite Communications In Tripoli

WASHINGTON - NATO says it has bombed three Libyan satellite dishes in the capital, Tripoli, in an effort to prevent Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi from using television to intimidate civilians.
The alliance said Saturday that NATO fighter aircraft conducted a precision airstrike that disabled the three ground-based satellite dishes.
An alliance spokesman, Colonel Roland Lavoie, said the […]


Jul 30 2011 US Senate Votes Against Balanced Budget

WASHINGTON - In another dramatic evening on Capitol Hill, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling. The Democratic-controlled Senate moved quickly, however, to vote to kill the House bill. It’s a high-stakes political battle to avoid the United States’ first ever national default on its […]


Jul 29 2011 US House Passes Bill To Avoid Default

WASHINGTON - The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a revised plan to cut spending and raise the country’s $14.3 trillion borrowing limit, in an effort to avoid a default next week. 
House lawmakers voted Friday on the plan, which calls for raising the U.S. borrowing limit in exchange for more than $900 billion in spending […]


Jul 29 2011 Turkey Military Command Resigns

ISTANBUL - Turkey’s entire military command has resigned. The reason for the mass walk-out was not clear.
Local Turkish media said Friday the head of the armed forces, and the army, naval and air commanders had tendered their resignations to the government.
Relations between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamic-rooted government and the military have been strained.
The […]


Jul 29 2011 Hariri Tribunal Names Four Suspects

BEIRUT - A United Nations-backed tribunal has released the names of four men wanted for the 2005 murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
The Special Tribunal for Lebanon identified the suspects Friday as Salim Jamil Ayyash, Mustafa Amine Badreddine, Hussein Hassan Oneissi and Assad Hassan Sabra.
The four are members of the Lebanon-based Hezbollah militant […]


Jul 29 2011 Hosni Mubarak To Face Trial For Corruption, Murder

CAIRO - Egypt’s deposed President Hosni Mubarak is scheduled to go on trial August 3 on corruption and murder charges related to his 30-year tenure and the crackdown on protesters during the revolution that ousted him in January and February.  The trial is an important step for Egypt, but also carries many uncertainties.
Egypt’s 18-day revolution […]


Jul 29 2011 Ollanta Humala Sworn In As President Of Peru

LIMA - Ollanta Humala has taken office as Peru’s president, pledging in his inaugural address to ensure that all Peruvians will benefit from the country’s economic growth.
Addressing Congress after being sworn in Thursday in Lima, President Humala said “economic progress” and “social inclusion” must work together.
Mr. Humala was elected on promises he would more evenly […]


Jul 28 2011 US, North Korea Hold Talks In New York

WASHINGTON - U.S. and North Korean negotiators will meet Thursday morning in New York for their first direct talks in more than 18 months.
Crowd control officers were expected to put up barricades outside the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, where the talks are to start sometime after 9 a.m. local time (1300 UTC) The U.S. […]


Jul 27 2011 Israel Faces Massive Housing Crisis

JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is taking steps to address the country’s housing crisis, following nearly two weeks of growing protests over rising rents and prices that have hurt the government’s approval rating.
The Israeli leader went on national television Tuesday to announce measures aimed at reducing the cost of housing, primarily for students […]


Jul 27 2011 Democrat Lawmaker To Resign Amid Sex Scandal

WASHINGTON - A U.S. lawmaker from ((the northwestern state of)) Oregon has announced he is resigning, becoming the third House representative this year to step down after being embroiled in a scandal.
Representative David Wu, a Democrat, issued a statement Tuesday saying he will resign after the debt ceiling issue is resolved. Lawmakers are in negotiations […]


Jul 26 2011 Libya Blames NATO For Hospital Bombing

TRIPOLI - The Libyan government has accused NATO of bombing a hospital during an air raid, killing seven people.
Libyan officials showed journalists a destroyed clinic in the town of Zlitan, east of the capital, Tripoli. The officials also took journalists to food warehouses in the town and said these buildings were damaged by airstrikes too.
NATO […]


Jul 25 2011 Debt Ceiling Debacle Linked To Reelection Worries

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senate and House of Representatives leaders are preparing separate backup plans to raise the federal debt limit after Congress and the White House failed to come up with a bipartisan agreement Sunday.
The leader of the majority party in the House, John Boehner, called Sunday on his fellow Republicans to support what he […]


Jul 23 2011 Madman Kills Scores In Oslo Norway

OSLO - Norwegian police are questioning the suspected gunman who shot and killed at least 84 people at a youth summer camp hours after he set off a bomb blast that killed seven people in the capital, Oslo.
Police announced the updated death toll Saturday from the most violent events Norway has witnessed since World War […]


Jul 22 2011 Obama Solution For America Is Higher Taxes

WASHINGTON - Eleven days before a possible U.S. government default, President Barack Obama went to the American people Friday with his appeal for an agreement on raising the legal borrowing limit.  No deal is publicly apparent, despite intense negotiations.
President Obama held a public forum at the University of Maryland Friday, at which he said it […]


Jul 22 2011 US Democrats Vote To Table Debt Ceiling Bill

WASHINGTON - U.S. lawmakers and the president appeared no closer to a deal Friday to raise the country’s $14.3 trillion borrowing limit and slash spending ahead of an August 2 deadline.
Democrats in the Senate Friday blocked a Republican-backed plan from the House of Representatives that would raise the debt ceiling in exchange for large cuts […]


Jul 22 2011 Obama Links Free Trade To Social Aid Programs

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration has confirmed that it will delay sending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea to Congress until lawmakers return from a scheduled August recess. The White House and Republicans disagree over a program designed to help Americans who lose their jobs to overseas competition.
Putting the three trade deals […]


Jul 21 2011 Serbia Arrests Goran Hadzic

AMSTERDAM - Serbian authorities have arrested the last remaining fugitive wanted by the UN War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague. Goran Hadzic is charged with 14 counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes for his leading role in the ethnic cleansing of Croats and other non-Serbs from parts of Croatia in the early years […]


Jul 21 2011 Syria Restricts Travel Of US, French Ambassadors

DAMASCUS - Syria has ordered the U.S. and French ambassadors not to travel outside Damascus without permission after they angered the government by visiting the flashpoint city of Hama this month.
Foreign Minister Walid Moallem announced the restrictions for U.S. envoy Robert Ford and France’s Eric Chevallier on Wednesday.  He said if they defy the order, […]


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