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2012 July


Jul 27 2012 China Expands Military Presence On Disputed Territory

WASHINGTON - China’s move to base troops on a disputed island in the South China Sea has raised concerns about a possible military confrontation in an area where China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei and the Philippines all have competing claims.
Sansha City
China’s newest city and military garrison is on an island that also is claimed by […]


Jul 27 2012 Senate Democrats Approve Tax Hikes

WASHINGTON - The Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate has approved legislation to extend tax cuts for middle-income Americans, while allowing them to expire for the wealthy.
The bill, approved Wednesday by a vote of 51-48, would maintain tax cuts passed during the tenure of former president George W. Bush on Americans making under $250,000.  The measure is sure […]


Jul 27 2012 Obama Fails To Visit Israel During His Presidency

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama will sign legislation Friday that expands military ties between the United States and Israel.
The bill signing ceremony at the White House comes just a day before Obama’s presumptive Republican challenger, Mitt Romney visits Israel, Saturday.   Romney has criticized the president over his treatment of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  […]


Jul 26 2012 Syrian Kurds Seize Towns Near Turkish Border

ISTANBUL - In Syria, the seizing of control by Syrian Kurds of towns close to the Turkish border has raised concerns in the Turkish capital, Ankara. Turkish authorities say Syrian Kurds might seek to create their own autonomous state, fueling similar demands from Turkey’s Kurdish minority.
News of Syrian Kurds taking control of towns from forces loyal […]


Jul 24 2012 US Increases Aid To Syrian Opposition

WASHINGTON - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the United States is increasing its efforts to help Syrian rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad.
Clinton gave no details, but she said Tuesday that the U.S. is giving such non-lethal aid as medical and communications support. She said Washington is working outside of the U.N. Security […]


Jul 24 2012 Romney Speaks On US Foreign Policy

WASHINGTON - Foreign policy has taken center stage in the U.S. presidential election campaign as the presumptive Republican Party nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, embarks on an overseas trip designed to bolster his foreign policy and defense credentials with American voters.
Much of this campaign has focused on President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy.  […]


Jul 23 2012 Iraq Violence Increases In Wake Of US Withdrawal

BAGHDAD - Several violent attacks ripped through Iraq, killing at least 103 people and wounding nearly 200 Monday in the deadliest day of attacks this year.
The shootings and bombings follow a warning last week by the head of the al-Qaida group in Iraq that he was stepping up operations in areas vacated by U.S. troops […]


Jul 21 2012 Britain To Support Syrian Opposition

LONDON - Foreign Secretary William Hague says Britain will work outside the U.N. Security Council to support the opposition movement in Syria. Hague was speaking Friday before the Security Council reconvened to take up the crisis in Syria. The Council’s original attempt to impose sanctions on the Assad government in Damascus was blocked by Russia […]


Jul 21 2012 Gunman Kills 12, Wounds 59 In Colorado Theater

DENVER - Police in the U.S. state of Colorado say 12 people were shot to death and 59 wounded in a shooting at a movie theater in a suburb of Denver.
Authorities say the midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises,” the latest Batman movie, had just begun at the Century 16 theater in the city […]


Jul 21 2012 Syrians Flee Violence Into Lebanon

MASNAA - Syria’s main border crossing with Lebanon was quiet Friday, the day after an estimated 20,000 Syrians crossed to flee the increasing fighting. The conflict in Syria is having a growing impact on its neighbor.
Lebanese officials on the border were prepared for another busy day. It was more of a trickle than a flood, however, […]


Jul 20 2012 Israel Blames Iran, Hezbollah For Bulgaria Bombing

JERUSALEM - Israel is mourning after a suicide bomber in Bulgaria killed five Israelis in an attack on a tourist bus Wednesday. Israel’s leader is talking tough.
Israeli air force planes flew the dead, wounded and survivors of the Bulgaria bus bombing back home. Other flights took Israeli security and intelligence officials to Bulgaria to assist in […]


Jul 19 2012 Syrian Government Officials Assassinated

DAMASCUS - Syrian forces and rebels have clashed in several neighborhoods of Damascus, and helicopters are reported to have fired on targets from the air, after at least three top government officials died in a bomb attack Wednesday.
Syrian state television says a bomb exploded during a high-level meeting at the National Security building in the […]


Jul 18 2012 Syrian Defense Minister Killed In Suicide Bombing

DAMASCUS - Syrian state television says a suicide bomber has struck the National Security building in Damascus, killing the country’s defense minister Daoud Rajha and seriously wounding several other officials.
Reports say the deputy defense minister, Assef Shawkat, was also killed. Shawkat was brother-in-law to President Bashar al-Assad.
Wednesday’s attack took place during a meeting of top […]


Jul 17 2012 Japanese Protest Against Nuclear Power

TOKYO - Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Tokyo Monday to protest against nuclear power and the government’s recent decision to restart two reactors in central Japan.
The rally brought together participants from across the country under the banner of “Sayonara Gempatsu” - or “goodbye nuclear plants.”
Police estimated the crowd at 75,000, but organizers claimed 170,000. […]


Jul 17 2012 Hillary Meets With Israeli Leaders

JERUSALEM — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is having talks with Israeli leaders on the conflict in Syria, the political transition in Egypt, and the perceived threat from Iran’s nuclear program.
Secretary Clinton says she has come to Israel “at a moment of great change and transformation in the region.”
“It is a time of uncertainty […]


Jul 17 2012 Fighting Inside Syria Reaches Damascus

DAMASCUS - Syria moved armored vehicles into the capital city as opposition fighters battled Syrian government forces in what residents described as the fiercest fighting yet inside the capital.
One Syrian rebel fighter told the French News Agency the fighting is the “turning point” in the 17-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.
Activists said Monday the fighting […]


Jul 15 2012 Hillary Meets With Top Egyptian Commander

WASHINGTON - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Sunday in Cairo with Egypt’s top military commander Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, a day after holding talks with newly-inaugurated President Mohamed Morsi.
Clinton and Field Marshal Tantawi, who was the country’s interim leader after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, discussed an extensive range of topics, […]


Jul 12 2012 Obama Eases Sanctions Against Burma

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama has ordered the easing of U.S. sanctions that have prevented American companies from doing business in Burma, to signal U.S. support for reform steps under way there.  But , there are conditions, and Mr. Obama took another step aimed at individuals who are undermining the reform process.
In a written statement, […]


Jul 12 2012 Syrian Ambassador Joins Rebels

DAMASCUS - Syria’s ambassador to Iraq, Nawaf Fares, has defected and says he has joined the revolution.
In a statement broadcast on the Arabic-language television network Al-Jazeera, Fares announced he is resigning from the ruling Ba’ath Party. He said the government has used it as a tool to oppress the Syrian people and their aspirations to […]


Jul 11 2012 US House Votes To Repeal Obama Health Care Law

WASHINGTON - The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday voted again to repeal President Barack Obama’s health reform program. The vote was 244 to 185.
Most of those who voted for repeal were members of the opposition Republican Party, who say the law is bad for the economy and harms many Americans who are concerned about […]


Jul 11 2012 Hillary Makes Historic Visit To Laos

VIENTIANE - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stopped in Laos Wednesday for talks ahead of this week’s meeting of South East Asian foreign ministers.
U.S. and Lao officials discussed environmental protections for the Lower Mekong Delta and lingering issues of unexploded ordinance from the Vietnam War.
In talks with Foreign Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, Secretary Clinton discussed […]


Jul 11 2012 Russia Sends Warships To Mediterranean

MOSCOW — For the last year, the Russian government has tried to project an image of neutrality in the increasingly bloody conflict in Syria.
Now, it may be sending a signal of support to its longtime ally, President Bashar al-Assad, by sending warships to the area. Russia may also want to protect its forces at its […]


Jul 10 2012 Russia To Halt Arms Sales To Syria

MOSCOW - A senior Russian defense official said Moscow will no longer sell any weapons to Syria until the situation there calms down, as a Syrian activist group said the death toll from the Syrian conflict has surpassed 17,000.
Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, the deputy chief of the Russian military and technical cooperation agency, said Monday that Russia […]


Jul 5 2012 Japanese Conclude Nuclear Disaster Was Man Made

TOKYO - A Japanese parliamentary panel has concluded that last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster was “man-made,” even as authorities announced the controversial return of nuclear power for the first time following the crisis.
The report, based on a six-month investigation, faulted both the government and the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company, for failing to foresee […]


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