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Iran Briefs

Iran Stories


Aug 29 2013 Iran Expands Nuclear Capacity

VIENNA - Iran plans to test about 1,000 advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges it has completed installing, a U.N. nuclear report showed, a move likely to worry Western capitals hoping for a change of course under the country’s new president.
 The U.N. atomic agency’s quarterly report - the first since relative moderate Hassan Rouhani won Iran’s June […]


Jun 15 2013 Hassan Rowhani Declared New President Of Iran

TEHRAN - Iran’s interior minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar has declared moderate cleric Hassan Rowhani the winner of the nation’s presidential election, in a surprise victory over the nation’s ruling hardliners.
 Rowhani — the favorite of reformists and a former chief nuclear negotiator — received close to 19 million votes out of nearly 37 million counted. He secured […]


May 5 2013 Iran Fearful Of Israeli Airstrikes Against Syria

TEHRAN - Iran called on the region to unite against Israel after a reported attack on Syria and said it was ready to train the Damascus government’s army.
 Israel carried out its second air strike in days on Syria early on Sunday, targeting Iranian-supplied missiles headed for Lebanon’s Hezbollah, a Western intelligence source said.
 Tehran on Sunday […]


Feb 24 2013 Tehran Announces New Uranium Deposits

WASHINGTON - Days before resuming talks over its disputed atomic program, Iran said on Saturday it had found significant new deposits of raw uranium and identified sites for 16 more nuclear power stations.
 State news agency IRNA quoted a report by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) which said the reserves were discovered in northern […]


Jan 10 2013 Tehran Seeks Nuclear Talks Amid Tough Sanctions

WASHINGTON - Iran says it is prepared to return to talks, possibly later this month, with major world powers over its nuclear program.  As the country’s uranium enrichment program continues, Western countries have tightened economic sanctions against Tehran.
 U.S. President Barack Obama last week signed off on a new round of sanctions targeting Iran’s energy and […]


Oct 17 2012 EU Imposes Tight Sanctions Against Iran

LONDON - European Union governments Tuesday imposed their toughest sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. EU and U.S. officials say sanctions are vital to curbing Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions. But some analysts say the sanctions have failed to do that and are causing Iranians to suffer as the value of Iran’s currency plummets.
Shuttling across […]


Jul 2 2012 Iran Admits Sanctions Are Severe

TEHRAN - Iran has acknowledged that Western sanctions over its controversial nuclear program have reached their toughest level, as the European Union begins a total ban on Iranian oil imports.
In remarks published Sunday by Iranian state media, Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi said Western powers unfairly have imposed what he called the “most severe” sanctions […]


Jun 29 2012 EU Sanctions Against Iranian Oil To Be Imposed

LONDON - European Union sanctions on Iran’s oil industry go into full effect on Sunday, adding to the pressure on Iranian leaders to negotiate a settlement of the international concerns about their nuclear program.
The world runs on oil, much of it transported on ships from countries in the Middle East, including Iran. But the European […]


Jun 9 2012 Iran Continues To Refuse Nuclear Inspections

LONDON - Representatives from the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog and Iran hit an impasse Friday in talks on providing inspectors possible access to a military site that is key to Iran’s controversial nuclear program.
“There has been no progress,” the International Atomic Energy Agency’s chief inspector Herman Nackaerts told journalists in Vienna. “This is disappointing.”
No date was […]


May 6 2012 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Suffers Setback

WASHINGTON - Final results from Iran’s runoff parliamentary elections show that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has suffered a major setback that could influence the outcome of next year’s presidential elections.
According to results reported late Saturday by state media, Mr. Ahmadinejad’s supporters won only 13 of the 65 seats contested in Friday’s vote, further reducing his power […]


Mar 31 2012 US Imposes New Sanctions Against Iranian Oil Exports

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is pushing forward with new sanctions designed to cripple Iran’s oil exports.  The president said Friday there is enough oil on world markets to allow him to take the step without harming U.S. allies
President Obama’s move authorizes U.S. sanctions on foreign banks that continue to purchase oil from Iran.
It is […]


Mar 16 2012 Swift Cuts Off Iranian Banks

BRUSSELS - The world’s largest electronic payment system says it will cut off Iranian banks blacklisted by the European Union, another step in the West’s effort to further diminish Tehran’s ability to finance its nuclear program.
The Belgium-based Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or Swift, said it would comply with an EU order to disconnect […]


Mar 8 2012 Iran Nuclear Talks To Resume

WASHINGTON - U.S officials say an agreement to resume international talks on Iran’s nuclear program is meant to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon and head-off what might then become a regional arms race.
The agreement to restart talks over Iran’s nuclear program includes demands by permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany […]


Feb 22 2012 Iran Fails To Cooperate With UN Nuclear Experts

WASHINGTON - The International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran has blocked U.N. experts from inspecting an Iranian military site and refused to cooperate with them in answering allegations of Iranian efforts to design a nuclear weapon.
In a statement issued early Wednesday, the IAEA says the U.N. delegation led by chief inspector Herman Nackaerts was returning […]


Feb 18 2012 US Seeks To Undercut Iran Oil Markets

WASHINGTON - The U.S. government is trying to shrink the market for Iranian oil to deprive Tehran of funds for its nuclear program. And Iranian consumers are feeling the effects.
As the world’s third-largest exporter of crude oil, Iran is a major supplier for China, Japan and India, as well as the European Union. The United […]


Feb 16 2012 US Dismisses Iran Nuclear Claims

WASHINGTON - The United States has downplayed Iran’s claims of advances in its nuclear program, saying Tehran is feeling the pressure of international sanctions and wants to distract from its growing diplomatic isolation.
Iran said Wednesday it had installed a new generation of centrifuges to enrich uranium, and for the first time loaded domestically produced nuclear […]


Feb 7 2012 Obama Orders Stricter Sanctions Against Tehran

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered stricter sanctions on Iran’s government and central bank, citing “deceptive practices” by Iranian banks to conceal transactions.
In an executive order released Monday, the president said other factors for imposing the new restrictions include deficiencies in Iran’s anti-money laundering regime, and the “continuing and unacceptable risk” that Iran’s […]


Jan 24 2012 Iran Again Threatens To Close Hormuz Strait

TEHRAN - Iran has denounced the European Union’s decision to ban new purchases of Iranian oil and freeze the assets of the country’s central bank, calling the moves “illogical and unfair.”
Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Monday the world’s long-term need for energy means it is “not possible to impose sanctions on Iran,” with its […]


Jan 24 2012 EU Imposes Oil Embargo Against Iran

LONDON - The European Union has imposed an oil embargo on Iran, effective July 1 - taking away 20 percent of Iran’s current oil sales. The embargo is intended to increase pressure on Iran’s government to allow inspections to ensure its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes, as Iran’s leaders say it is.
The ban […]


Jan 21 2012 Iran Faces Tougher Sanctions Over Nuclear Program

WASHINGTON - The United States and Germany say Iran will face tougher international sanctions on oil revenues if it does not abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons.
With the European Union moving closer to a vote on an embargo of Iranian oil Monday, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said the international community must not allow Iran […]


Jan 11 2012 Iran Nuclear Scientist Killed In Bombing

TEHRAN - Iranian media say a bomb blast in Tehran has killed a university professor who also worked as a scientist on Iran’s nuclear program.
The Fars news agency said someone on a motorcycle planted the bomb under the car of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, and Iranian officials have blamed Israel for the attack.
The report said two […]


Jan 10 2012 US Warship Rescues Iranian Mariners

WASHINGTON - A U.S. warship has rescued six Iranian mariners after their vessel broke down in waters off the coast of Iraq.
Pentagon officials say a U.S. Coast Guard cutter responded to distress calls early Tuesday morning about 90 kilometers from the Iraqi port city of Umm Qasr.
The Iranians said their ship was taking on water. […]


Jan 10 2012 US Condemns Iran For Uranium Enrichment

WASHINGTON - The United States has condemned the Iranian government’s decision to begin uranium enrichment near the Shi’ite holy city of Qom, a second facility where the material can be upgraded quickly for potential use in a nuclear bomb.
In a statement Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said “the move is contrary to Iran’s […]


Jan 10 2012 US Presses Iran To Release Amir Mirza Hekmati

WASHINGTON - The United States is pressing Iran to release an American man who has been sentenced to death by an Iranian court on charges of spying for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. This comes at a time of rising tensions between the United States and Iran.
The White House and State Department say allegations that […]


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