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Apr 20 2014 Pilgrims Visit Jerusalem For Easter Festivities

JERUSALEM - Christians around the world are celebrating Easter, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
Easter dawned in Jerusalem with a sunrise service at the Garden Tomb. The holy place is said to resemble biblical accounts of the place where Jesus was buried. Facing an ancient, empty tomb carved into a rock, the […]


Apr 14 2014 Israel Holds Talks With Arab States

JERUSALEM - Israel is holding secret talks with some Arab States that do not recognize it, looking to establish diplomatic ties based on a common fear of Iran, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Monday.
Among the countries he was in contact with were Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Lieberman told newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth - the […]


Mar 31 2014 Israeli Court Convicts Ehud Olmert For Bribery

JERUSALEM - An Israeli court has convicted former prime minister Ehud Olmert of bribery in a case tied to a development project when he was serving as Jerusalem’s mayor.
The court in Tel Aviv issued the verdict Monday. Olmert, who was in court, will find out at a later date if he will serve time in […]


Mar 22 2014 Israel Discovers Palestinian Terror Tunnel

JERUSALEM - Israel says it has thwarted a major terrorist attack by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.
Israel says it has uncovered a large “terror tunnel” stretching from the Gaza Strip, 400 meters into Israeli territory. Army spokesman Peter Lerner said the sophisticated tunnel was dug by Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that rules Gaza.
“What […]


Mar 21 2014 Israel Plans To Build More Settlements In West Bank

JERUSALEM - Israel has promoted building plans for 2,372 homes in eight Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank in the past month, on land the Palestinians want for a future state, an anti-settlement watchdog has said.
The plans, the largest of which is for 839 homes in the Ariel settlement bloc, are at different stages […]


Mar 19 2014 Israeli Warplanes Bomb Syrian Military Sites

JERUSALEM - Israel says its air force has bombed Syrian military positions in response to an attack on its forces in the Golan Heights.
The military said the targets Wednesday included an army training facility, military headquarters and artillery batteries.
The airstrikes come a day after Israel said an explosive device targeting its forces injured four soldiers. […]


Mar 13 2014 British PM Cameron Offers Support To Israel

JERUSALEM - Visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron addressed Israel’s parliament Wednesday, denouncing Iran’s government as a “despotic regime” and accusing Tehran of carrying out “despicable” efforts to arm Palestinian militants.
Cameron said Britain will stand alongside Israel in opposing a nuclear Iran and combating Islamic extremism.
He also said he would fight efforts to boycott Israel […]


Mar 11 2014 Israel Displays Weapons Seized From Ship

JERUSALEM - Israel has displayed weapons from an intercepted ship it says were being sent from Iran to militants in the Gaza Strip — a charge denied by Tehran.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu displayed the arms at a news conference Monday in the Red Sea port of Eilat. Flanked by senior defense officials, Netanyahu accused […]


Mar 6 2014 Israel Seizes Iranian Rockets Bound For Gaza

JERUSALEM - The Israeli military says it seized a ship in the Red Sea Wednesday that was carrying dozens of advanced Iranian-supplied rockets destined for Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.
It said the Panamanian-flagged cargo vessel Klos-C was boarded in international waters off the coasts of Sudan and Eritrea without resistance, and would be escorted […]


Feb 3 2014 Israel Angered Over Kerry Boycott Threat

JERUSALEM - As U.S. mediated Middle East peace talks enter their seventh month, mounting tensions have emerged between Israel and Washington.
Israeli officials are furious after Secretary of State John Kerry warned that if peace talks with the Palestinians fail, Israel could face growing international boycotts.  Kerry was speaking at a security conference in Munich.
“You see […]


Jan 29 2014 Israel, Palestinians Disagree On West Bank Security

TEL AVIV - Israel and the Palestinians disagreed sharply on Tuesday over the effectiveness of security measures by the regional Palestinian administration in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, deepening doubt about peace prospects in U.S.-brokered talks.
Foreign powers have been helping build up Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s security services in the West Bank to prevent militant attacks […]


Jan 16 2014 Israel Claims Bibilical Link To Beit El

JERUSALEM - Israel’s prime minister has increased the amount of occupied territory he wants to keep after any peace deal with the Palestinians, state media reported on Thursday, a move that could complicate U.S.-backed efforts to reach an accord.
Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman declined to comment on the report he had added a bloc of Israeli-settled land […]


Jan 12 2014 Israel Mourns Ariel Sharon

JERUSALEM - Israelis are mourning former prime minister and military commander Ariel Sharon who died Saturday after a long illness. He is to be buried Monday at his home in the Negev desert.
Thousands of Israelis Sunday filed past the coffin of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as he lay in state at the Knesset, Israel’s […]


Jan 11 2014 Israel Announces New Settlements During Peace Talks

JERUSALEM - Israel has announced plans for 1,400 new settlement homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, a move certain to upset Palestinians during a time of already fragile peace talks.
The Israeli Housing Ministry on Friday announced that 800 homes would be built in the West Bank and 600 in East Jerusalem, both areas […]


Jan 7 2014 Israel Plans New Settler Homes Following Kerry Visit

JERUSALEM - Israel published plans on Monday to build 272 homes in settlements in the occupied West Bank even as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry wrapped up his 10th visit in a year trying to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.
Palestinians fear Israeli settlements, built on occupied land and deemed illegal by the United Nations, […]


Jan 6 2014 African Migrants Protest Israel Detention Law

TEL AVIV - Thousands of African migrants, many holding banners demanding freedom for compatriots jailed as illegal job-seekers by Israel, protested on Sunday in a main Tel Aviv square against a new open-ended detention law.
Human rights groups say more than 300 people have been arrested since the law, which allows authorities to detain   migrants without […]


Jan 2 2014 Ariel Sharon In Critical Condition

JERUSALEM - The head of the hospital treating former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon as announced that he is now in critical, life-threatening condition from which he is unlikely to rally.
Zeev Rotstein of Tel Hashomer hospital told reporters Thursday that Sharon’s “life is in danger,” with declining function in several vital organs. “I am no […]


Dec 31 2013 Israel Releases 26 Palestinian Prisoners

JERUSALEM - Israel has freed 26 more Palestinian prisoners who were jailed for deadly attacks on Israeli civilians, in the latest release under an agreement to revive peace talks between the two sides.
Crowds cheered and waved flags Tuesday as they gave the freed prisoners a hero’s welcome in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Palestinian President […]


Dec 30 2013 Rockets From Lebanon Strike Israel

JERUSALEM - There was a rare clash Sunday on the Israel-Lebanon border. The incident occurred ahead of a week of diplomacy on the Israel-Palestinian track.
Several rockets fired from Lebanon set off loud explosions in northern Israel but caused no injuries or damage. The army says Israel retaliated with “massive” artillery fire into Lebanon.
The border has […]


Dec 30 2013 Israeli Lawmakers Seek To Annex West Bank

JERUSALEM - A panel of Israeli cabinet ministers endorsed proposed legislation on Sunday to annex an area of the occupied West Bank likely to be the eastern border of a future Palestinian state.
The move, pushed by far-right members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, could weigh on troubled U.S.-brokered peace negotiations several days before […]


Dec 23 2013 Israel Demands US End Spying On Allies

JERUSALEM - Israel has reacted angrily to reports the country was a target of espionage by the United States.
Senior officials in Jerusalem are demanding an end to U.S. spying on Israel after revelations the National Security Agency intercepted e-mails from Israeli leaders.
The allegations were disclosed by former NSA contractor and whistle blower Edward Snowden and […]


Dec 9 2013 Israel Warns Of Iran Nuclear Ambitions

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday pressed world powers to take a hard line with Iran in negotiations for a final nuclear deal, urging them to demand that Tehran abandon all uranium enrichment, halt its ballistic missile program and end a “genocidal” anti-Israel policy.
One day after President Barack Obama deemed it unrealistic […]


Nov 24 2013 Israel Denounces Iran Nuclear Agreement

JERUSALEM - Israel has denounced the world powers’ nuclear agreement with Iran.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called the deal a “historic mistake,” not a historic agreement.
Another Israeli official said Sunday the six-month nuclear accord gives Iran exactly what it wanted - “a significant easing in sanctions and preservation of the most significant parts […]


Nov 22 2013 Israel Tests New Interceptor Missile

JERUSALEM - Israel says it has completed a successful test of its interceptor missile, Magic Wand.
Also known as David’s Sling, Magic Wand downed a “short-range ballistic missile” in the morning trial in south Israel, the Israeli Defense Ministry said.
This was the second test of the system, which is being developed in partnership with the United […]


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