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Jul 11 2014 House To File Lawsuit Protecting Constitution

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama and Republicans in Congress traded barbs Thursday as plans for a lawsuit against the president intensify.
The White House released a statement late Thursday saying Republicans backing such a lawsuit are participating in a “political stunt” rather than working with the president to expand economic opportunities for the middle class.
The statement […]


Jul 9 2014 John McCain Blasts Obama Concerning Iraq

WASHINGTON - A top Republican lawmaker says the Obama administration has “no strategy” to combat radical Sunni militants in Iraq and Syria. John McCain was one of several senators who spoke after a closed-door briefing by top U.S. officials on Capitol Hill.
For months, Senator McCain has been one of Congress’ most-outspoken critics of President Obama’s […]


Feb 12 2014 US House Votes To Raise Debt Limit

CAPITOL HILL - In an abrupt change of course, the Republican-led House of Representatives has voted to raise the nation’s debt limit, with no policy conditions attached.  The vote was 221 in favor and 201 against, with all but two Democrats voting for it, while only 28 Republicans came out in support and 199 voted […]


Feb 11 2014 US House To Vote On Debt Increase

WASHINGTON - The U.S. House of Representatives will vote this week on a plan to increase the nation’s borrowing authority, which is set to expire by the end of February.
The plan was presented Monday to Republican lawmakers, who control the chamber. Republican leaders want to extend the government’s borrowing authority for a full year, while […]


Feb 10 2014 US Congress Scrambles To Raise Debt Ceiling

WASHINGTON - The coming week will see a return to fiscal drama in the U.S. Capitol with lawmakers scrambling to raise the federal borrowing limit before they adjourn for a week-long recess.
Democrats and Republicans have yet to agree on a formula to boost the debt ceiling, and failure to act would leave the U.S. government […]


Jan 4 2014 Democrats Seek To Restore Unemployment Benefits

WASHINGTON - Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration are organizing a political campaign to restore financial benefits to more than a million Americans who have been out of work for more than six months.
Modest unemployment benefits are customarily paid by U.S. states to people unemployed for up to 26 weeks. During difficult economic times, Washington […]


Nov 25 2013 Kerry Campaigns For Nuclear Accord Acceptance

WASHINGTON - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says a nuclear accord with Iran will halt Tehran’s march to atomic weapons capacity and provide a window to negotiate a final agreement.  The Obama administration is attempting to convince skeptics at home and abroad that the preliminary deal is good for America and its allies.
In a […]


Nov 22 2013 Democrats Vote To Block Republican Opposition

WASHINGTON - The Democratic-led U.S. Senate has voted to change the rules for confirming presidential nominees and strip the ability of minority Republicans to block them.  The move is designed to reduce gridlock on Capitol Hill and smooth the functioning of government, but, it could further scuttle bipartisanship and open the door to a reshaping […]


Nov 16 2013 US House Passes Bi-Partisan Rebuke To Obama

WASHINGTON - In the most significant legislative rebuke to President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul, 39 members of his Democratic Party voted for a Republican bill in the House of Representatives on Friday aimed at undermining his signature domestic policy.
The measure from Republican Representative Fred Upton of Michigan passed 261-157. Thirty-nine Democrats, nearly a fifth of […]


Oct 18 2013 Mitch McConnell Embraces Defeat

WASHINGTON - The U.S. government has reopened after a 16-day partial shutdown, but fractious lawmakers now face a difficult task to resolve significant differences over the country’s spending priorities and taxation.
 U.S. President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and his Republican opponents in Congress have been unable to reach agreement on an overall government budget during most […]


Oct 6 2013 US House Passes Bill To Pay Federal Workers

WASHINGTON - The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill guaranteeing that all federal workers laid off during the government shutdown — up to 800,000 people — will eventually be paid the wages they would have earned if there had been no mass furloughs.
 The White House has already said that U.S. President […]


Oct 3 2013 Obama Fails To Negotiate End To Shutdown

WASHINGTON - In a meeting at the White House late Wednesday, President Obama and U.S. congressional leaders failed to resolve differences and stop the federal government shutdown. 
 House and Senate leaders emerged from the White House after meeting with the president for about an hour, and based on their statements, the news was not good.
 House Speaker […]


Sep 20 2013 US House Passes Bill Cutting $40 Billion From Food Stamps

WASHINGTON - The U.S. House of Representatives has narrowly passed a bill to cut $4 billion a year from programs mainly aimed at preventing hunger. Projected savings over 10 years would amount to $40 billion.
 Republican House leadership said the measure will restrain the explosive growth of the programs and encourage more people to go back […]


Aug 27 2013 America Awaits Obama Decision On Syria

WASHINTON - When President Barack Obama makes a decision about a response to the August 21 chemical weapons attack in Syria, the White House says he will lay out the case to the American people and the world. 
 After Secretary of State Kerry’s statement Monday on Syria and the chemical attacks, Obama’s spokesman faced a barrage […]


Aug 10 2013 Russia Displeased With Obama Cancellation

WASHINGTON - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel held meetings Friday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.
 Senior U.S. administration officials say Kerry reiterated disappointment in Russia’s decision to grant asylum to wanted U.S. national security information leaker Edward Snowden. They say Kerry reinforced the […]


Aug 10 2013 Obama Claims Al-Qaida Is Weak Despite Embassies Closure

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama Friday announced new steps aimed at helping to reassure Americans about government electronic surveillance programs used to protect against terrorism. President Obama also discussed relations with Russia, and threats from al-Qaida and affiliated groups.
 Obama announced steps he says will increase transparency and restore public trust in U.S. government surveillance […]


Aug 6 2013 Republicans Threaten To Boycott Debates On CNN, NBC

WASHINGTON - U.S. Republicans are threatening to boycott 2016 presidential candidates debates sponsored by networks CNN and NBC unless the networks cancel plans for special programs on Democrat Hillary Clinton, a possible 2016 White House contender.
 Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus wrote to executives for NBC Entertainment and CNN Worldwide, saying the planned programs were […]


Jul 25 2013 Obama Nominates Donors To Ambassador Positions

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama is following the tradition of recent American leaders by appointing some of his biggest political supporters and donors to key overseas ambassadorial postings.
The latest is Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, nominated as American ambassador to Japan.  She was not a major fundraiser for the […]


Jul 11 2013 Republicans Reject Senate Immigration Bill

WASHINGTON - Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives are rejecting the sweeping immigration reform bill passed in the Senate.  Leaders of the Republican majority say they plan to take a step-by-step approach aimed at slowing momentum toward reform that would provide legal status for the estimated 11 million people now living in the […]


Jun 27 2013 US Senate Passes Immigration Bill

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Senate, after a decade of trying and failing, on Thursday passed a wide-ranging immigration bill that would put 11 million foreigners now living illegally in the United States on a path to American citizenship.
 The bill, backed by President Barack Obama, would invest $46 billion in new funding to increase border security and […]


May 17 2013 Republicans Turn Up The Heat On IRS Scandal

WASHINGTON -  Republican lawmakers and fiscally conservative Tea Party leaders are vowing to keep up the pressure on the White House to see if it was involved with the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny.  Tea Party leaders say the IRS scandal confirms their worst fears about a federal […]


Jan 8 2013 Chuck Hagel Nominated For Defense Secretary

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Monday nominated former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to be his new secretary of defense. Obama also chose counterterrorism adviser John Brennan to head the CIA.  
Obama made his choices official in the White House East Room with Hagel and Brennan standing by his side.
The president noted that Hagel, a Vietnam […]


Dec 22 2012 John Kerry Nominated For Secretary Of State

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Friday nominated Democratic Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to be the next U.S. Secretary of State.
 The nomination is subject to confirmation by the Senate. If confirmed, he will take over the secretary of state job from Hillary Clinton, who has said she would not […]


Oct 12 2012 VP Debate Gives America Clear Choices On Leadership

WASHINGTON - U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and the Republican vice presidential candidate, Representative Paul Ryan, presented stark political differences in their only planned debate before the November election.
During the nationally televised event at a small college in Kentucky,  Ryan said Americans are watching the “absolute unraveling” of the Obama administration at a time when […]


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