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Science/Technology Briefs

Science/Technology Stories


Nov 5 2013 India Launches Space Probe For Mars

NEW DELHI - India has launched a space probe bound for Mars, seeking to become one of only a few nations to launch a mission that has reached the Red Planet.
The India Space Research Program said its unmanned spacecraft went into the Earth’s orbit 44 minutes after lifting off from the southeastern island of Sriharikota […]


Dec 31 2011 NASA Grail Probes To Begin Lunar Orbit

HOUSTON - U.S. space agency NASA says its twin lunar spacecraft that are on a mission to study the Moon’s gravitational field and internal structure are set to begin orbiting Earth’s satellite on Saturday and Sunday.
NASA launched the two unmanned Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory, or GRAIL, probes in September. It says the first probe, […]


Nov 9 2011 Asteroid Misses Earth In Close Encounter

WASHINGTON - An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier has flown by Earth in the closest encounter by a massive space rock in more than 30 years.
The asteroid, named 2005 YU55, came within about 325,000 kilometers of the planet Tuesday evening . The U.S. space agency, NASA, said there was no chance that the […]


Oct 28 2011 NASA Launches Polar Orbiting Weather Satellite

HOUSTON - NASA has launched a $1.5 billion weather satellite into orbit that aims to help improve weather forecasts and monitor long-term climate change.
The satellite, known as the National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System, is being carried by a Delta II rocket 800 kilometers above the surface of the earth.
The U.S. space agency says the […]


Sep 15 2011 NASA Unveils New SLS Rocket

HOUSTON - NASA on Wednesday unveiled its long-awaited plans for a new, powerful rocket to take astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit to the Moon, to asteroids and, one day, to Mars. 
NASA has selected the design of a massive rocket that will take humans beyond low-Earth-orbit into deep space, and the space agency says it hopes to […]


Mar 15 2011 Nuclear Meltdown Explained

WASHINGTON - Japanese officials and nuclear experts have said they cannot rule out the possibility of a nuclear meltdown at a Japanese nuclear power plant that was badly damaged by last week’s earthquake and tsunami.  Here is a quick guide to the nuclear process, what can go wrong, and how to prevent catastrophe.
– Nuclear power […]


Mar 2 2011 Space Shuttle Discovery On Final Mission

WASHINGTON - Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have installed a new permanent storage unit, creating an additional 70 cubic meters of cargo space and a new venue in which to conduct experiments.
Crew members on Tuesday used the space station’s robotic arm to maneuver the Permanent Multipurpose Module, or PMM, out of the space shuttle […]


Oct 30 2010 NASA Delays Space Shuttle Discovery Final Mission

WASHINGTON - The space shuttle Discovery is set to embark on its last mission in November, but leaks have forced NASA to delay the launch date. 
Discovery had been set to blast off on its final mission November 1, but NASA announced Friday that it was postponing the launch by at least one day because of […]


Oct 24 2010 Space Shuttle Discovery Nears Final Mission

HOUSTON - The countdown is on: NASA has only two shuttle launches left. The U.S. space agency is retiring its shuttle fleet next year and encouraging the development of commercial human spaceflight vehicles.
Space shuttle Discovery is set to launch November 1
Last week, engineers found that Discovery had developed a fuel leak.
John Shannon, the space shuttle […]


Sep 30 2010 NASA To End Space Shuttle Missions After 30 Years

HOUSTON - The US Space Shuttle Discovery is set to lift off from Florida on November 1 for a mission to the International Space Station. It will be one of the final missions for the shuttle; NASA is ending the program and will retire its remaining fleet of the reusable spacecraft next year. Our correspondent […]


Sep 18 2010 NASA Creates Precise Moon Maps

WASHINGTON - Images from a NASA probe have allowed scientists to create a precise map of the moon.
Since its launch to the Moon more than a year ago to survey future manned and robotic landing sites, the U.S. space agency’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, has beamed back a trove of high-quality images and other […]


Apr 5 2010 NASA Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of Apollo 13

HOUSTON - In April 1970, Apollo 13 was scheduled to land on the moon in NASA’s bid to further explore the lunar surface.  Instead, an in-flight explosion rocked the spacecraft, preventing astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise from landing on the moon.
Their weeklong ordeal in space captivated the world.  Now, NASA and the […]


Mar 19 2010 US Space Shuttle Program To End Soon

WASHINGTON - The U.S. space shuttle program comes to an end this year, and a debate is underway over what should replace it. The retirement of the shuttle fleet could result in massive job losses in Florida.
Thousands of workers protest in Titusville, Florida over plans to cut up to 9,000 jobs at the nearby Kennedy […]


Feb 3 2010 Obama Budget Cripples NASA Space Projects

WASHINGTON - The U.S. space agency’s ambitious plan to put astronauts back on the moon has been cancelled in the Obama administration’s proposed 2011 federal budget. The $3.6 trillion spending plan for the U.S. government was submitted to Congress on Feb. 1. 
NASA’s budget would actually increase by $6 billion over the next five years under […]


May 20 2009 NASA Astronauts Repair Hubble Telescope

WASHINGTON - The crew of the U.S. space shuttle Atlantis has said its final goodbye to the Hubble Telescope, after conducting days of complex repairs that are meant to give the aging camera at least five more years of clear vision.

Astronauts aboard the Shuttle Atlantis released the telescope back into space Tuesday as it […]


Feb 24 2009 NASA Global Warming Satellite Crashes Near Antarctica

WASHINGTON - A NASA mission intended to monitor global carbon dioxide emissions suffered a setback Tuesday when a rocket carrying a satellite did not reach orbit.
An official with the company that built the satellite, John Brunschwyler of Orbital Sciences Corporation, told a news conference Tuesday that the rocket landed in the ocean near Antarctica. He […]


Nov 15 2008 Space Shuttle Endeavour Heads to Space Station

WASHINGTON - The shuttle Endeavour has launched late Friday on a 15-day mission to visit the International Space Station for repairs and upgrades.
Endeavour blasted into space, carrying more than 65-hundred kilograms of equipment and supplies for the International Space Station. The crew of five men and two women took off in a rare evening launch […]


Oct 2 2008 US Spacecraft To Rendezvous With Mercury

WASHINGTON - Next Monday the U.S. spacecraft Messenger will fly past Mercury a second time in preparation for settling in to orbit around the planet closest to the Sun. Mission controllers with the U.S. space agency NASA are anxiously awaiting the event, which will give them an opportunity to view most of the unseen surface […]


Feb 20 2008 Total Lunar Eclipse Late Wednesday

WASHINGTON - Skywatchers in the Western Hemisphere will be able to view the full moon in shades of red as it slides into the shadow of the Earth during a total lunar eclipse Wednesday night.If weather conditions are favorable, the entire eclipse will be visible in South America and most of North America late Wednesday. […]


Jul 27 2007 NASA Finds Sabotaged Space Station Computer

WASHINGTON - Two weeks before the US space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to lift-off, the US space agency NASA says a piece of equipment that was to fly on the mission was deliberately sabotaged. And as if that weren’t enough, there were reports Thursday that astronauts flew while drunk.
During a briefing on launch preparations for […]


Jun 14 2007 Computers Fail Aboard Space Station

WASHINGTON - Officials at the U.S. space agency NASA says they are working to help restore computers that crashed in the Russian section of the International Space Station, threatening to lengthen the mission of the U.S. space shuttle.
Three guidance, navigation and control computers, as well as a set of command and control computers, aboard the […]


Jun 13 2007 Computer Glitch Causes False Alarm Aboard Space Station

WASHINGTON - A computer glitch caused NASA officials to run through emergency procedures Tuesday to make sure no fire had occured aboard the International Space Station.
The incident occured while two newly-installed solar arrays were being unfurled by the space station.
An alarm sounded in the Russian-built Zarya control module, prompting mission controllers to run through emergency […]


May 10 2007 Scientists Develop Internet Encyclopedia of Life

WASHINGTON - Scientists have announced they have begun assembling an Internet catalog of every living thing on Earth. The organizers say the new website will become the single location where researchers can go to study the nearly 2 million known plant and animal species.  This so-called Encyclopedia of Life is expected to be a major […]


Mar 22 2007 Space Shuttle Atlantis Grounded

WASHINGTON - The U.S. space agency NASA says storm damage repairs are likely to keep the space shuttle Atlantis grounded at least until May, two months after it was originally set to visit the International Space Station. NASA officials say the delay will not postpone completion of the research outpost in three years.
NASA says the […]


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