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Apr 13 2014 Joe Biden To Visit Ukraine

WASHINGTON - The White House said on Saturday that Vice President Joe Biden would travel to Kyiv this month to show support for the Ukrainian government as U.S. officials expressed new concern over “violence and sabotage’’ by militants it said were apparently supported by Russia in eastern Ukraine.
Biden, set to travel to Kiev on April 22, […]


Apr 9 2014 US Denounces Iran Pick For UN Ambassador

WASHINGTON - The White House made clear on Tuesday that it did not welcome Iran’s choice of Hamid Abutalebi as its new United Nations ambassador, saying officials had told Tehran that the selection was “not viable.”
But White House spokesman Jay Carney stopped short of saying Abutalebi would be barred from entering the United States because […]


Mar 29 2014 5.1 Earthquake Strikes Los Angeles

SACRAMENTO - Visitor’s to Disneyland in California Friday night got more excitement than they may have expected when a 5.1-magnitude earthquake shook metropolitan Los Angeles.
Disneyland officials shut down rides in the park for about an hour to conduct safety checks before reopening.
Los Angeles emergency officials said they received calls about gas leaks and water main […]


Mar 28 2014 US Mudslide Death Toll Expected To Grow

SEATTLE - The death toll from a devastating U.S. mudslide is already 25, but a rescue leader says the number of victims is likely to soon increase substantially.
A fire chief in the western state of Washington, Travis Hots, said Thursday that he expects the list of victims to lengthen considerably within the next two days […]


Mar 26 2014 Obamacare Individual Mandate Extended

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration said it will extend next week’s deadline for Americans who have begun applying for private health insurance but have been unable to complete the process.
Officials said they will provide a special enrollment period beyond next Monday’s March 31 deadline for those trying to purchase a health insurance plan through the […]


Mar 25 2014 Deadly Mudslide Strikes Washington State

SEATTLE - Hopes are diminishing for finding survivors of a U.S. mudslide that has killed at least 14 people and left more than 100 others missing.
Rescue workers continued their search Monday of a large quicksand-like debris pile in the northwestern state of Washington. It is a mix of mud and trees covering 2.6 square kilometers, […]


Mar 17 2014 US Navy Seizes Oil Tanker Near Cyprus

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon announced that U.S. Navy SEALs have seized an oil tanker carrying crude illicitly obtained from a rebel-held port in Libya.
The Defense Department said Monday no one was hurt in the boarding of the “stateless vessel seized earlier this month by three armed Libyans.”
The statement said the action was requested by the […]


Mar 13 2014 US General Dunford Urges Patience With Afghanistan

WASHINGTON - The commander of U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan says maintaining a residual military presence in the country is desirable and feasible even if Kabul continues to delay signing a bilateral security agreement with the United States.
Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, General Joseph Dunford revealed sharp differences among lawmakers on the wisdom of […]


Mar 12 2014 Obama To Meet With New Prime Minister Of Ukraine

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama is hosting Ukraine’s interim prime minister at the White House Wednesday, as the standoff between Russia and the West over the Ukrainian region of Crimea continues.
This is President Obama’s first meeting with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and is meant to underscore U.S. support for the new government and the […]


Mar 11 2014 US Pushes Russia To Back Down In Ukraine

WASHINGTON - Russia says it has prepared proposals to defuse the Ukraine crisis, but Washington says Moscow needs to show evidence that it wants peace.
Russian forces continued to consolidate their presence in the Crimea, on Monday taking control of a military hospital.
Meanwhile, protests - for and against Russia - continued.
In Washington, U.S. officials kept up […]


Mar 7 2014 US Considers Exporting Natural Gas To Ukraine

WASHINGTON - The United States appears to be rethinking its aversion to natural gas exports so it could help meet Ukraine’s energy needs and weaken Ukraine’s dependency on Russia for its gas supply.
The top U.S. energy official, Ernest Moniz, said at an energy conference this week that he “would certainly welcome” discussions with congressional leaders […]


Mar 6 2014 US Provides Proof Vladimir Putin Lies

WASHINGTON - The U.S. State Department Wednesday issued a 10-point rebuttal to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s version of events in Ukraine, publishing a list of what it said are untruths.
The “fact sheet” is titled “President Putin’s Fiction: 10 False Claims about Ukraine.” Observers say its publication is a notable departure from standard procedure at the […]


Mar 3 2014 Obama To Push For Peace Accord

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama will attempt to break an impasse in the latest efforts to reach a final Middle East peace accord when he hosts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House Monday.
Obama will try to convince Netanyahu to agree to a framework on a final round of negotiations that would lead […]


Feb 27 2014 US Lawmakers React To Obama Military Directive

WASHINGTON - American lawmakers reacted sharply Wednesday to President Barack Obama’s directive to the U.S. military to prepare for the withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan if no long-term security agreement is finalized with Kabul.
Many legislators would like to see a residual force remain in Afghanistan, for training and other puposes, but some concede that […]


Feb 25 2014 US Supreme Court To Decide Global Warming Case

WASHINGTON - An environmental case now before the U.S. Supreme Court could have constitutional implications for the powers of the presidency.
The nine-member Supreme Court appeared divided Monday during oral arguments in a case related to the power of the federal government to limit greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming.
At issue is whether the executive […]


Feb 12 2014 Obama Hosts State Dinner For French President

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama hosted French President Francois Hollande at a state dinner filled with business leaders, political donors, and Hollywood celebrities.
Hollande, who recently announced his split with longtime partner Valerie Trierweiler, was seated between Barack and Michelle Obama, in a heated outdoor tent that accommodated a crowd of 350.
Earlier in the day, Obama […]


Feb 8 2014 US Diplomat Resorts To Foul Language

WASHINGTON - U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is refusing to comment on a leaked telephone conversation in which she used vulgar language about the European Union.
Nuland said Friday she will not talk about what she calls a “private diplomatic conversation,” but said the recording was “impressive tradecraft” - a term referring to activity […]


Feb 7 2014 US Targets Iran Sanctions Evaders

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration targeted a host of businesses across Europe and the Middle East on Thursday for evading sanctions against Iran, a signal that Washington aims to keep pressure on Tehran over its nuclear program.
The announcement marks the second time the United States has designated sanctions evaders since reaching an interim deal with […]


Feb 1 2014 Keystone Pipeline Report Raises No Environmental Objections

WASHINGTON - A new report by the State Department has raised no major environmental objections to a proposed oil pipeline from Canada to the southern coast of the United States.
The report released Friday stops short of recommending whether the Keystone pipeline should be built.
The White House said late Friday the report is not the final […]


Jan 31 2014 Obama Nominates Vice Admiral Rogers As NSA Head

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Navy’s top cyber warrior was nominated by President Barack Obama on Thursday to head the National Security Agency at a time when the embattled unit is under fire for spying on Americans and allies.
Navy Vice Admiral Michael Rogers, the head of U.S. Fleet Cyber Command, is not expected immediately to change […]


Jan 27 2014 Snowden: US Officials Seek To Assassinate Following Leaks

BERLIN - Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden told German TV on Sunday about reports that U.S. government officials want to assassinate him for leaking secret documents about the NSA’s collection of telephone records and emails.
In what German public broadcaster ARD said was Snowden’s first television interview, Snowden also said he believes the […]


Jan 24 2014 Holder Offers Plea Deal To Snowden

WASHINGTON - U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says he would be open to a plea deal with Edward Snowden — the former government contractor who exposed spying by a U.S. intelligence agency.
Snowden is in Russia, where President Vladimir Putin granted him a year’s asylum.  The United States wants Snowden back for trial.
Holder told MSNBC television […]


Jan 14 2014 NSA Data Collection Fails To Prevent Terrorism

WASHINGTON - A new study has concluded that the massive collection of phone data by the clandestine U.S. National Security Agency “has had no discernible impact” on preventing terrorism.
A Washington research group, the New America Foundation, said Monday it studied the investigations of 225 people linked in some way to terrorism in the United States […]


Jan 14 2014 West Virginia Chemical Spill Harms Thousands

WASHINGTON - For the fifth consecutive day, 300,000 residents in and around the U.S. city of Charleston, West Virginia, have been left without access to clean water, after a chemical spill contaminated the Elk River. Schools and businesses remain closed as a result of the spill, which has stained the area’s water blue-green and made […]


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